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Jessica Hampton, ECE Administration

Mrs. Jessica founded Imagination Station in 2010 as a licensed in-home child care after being a preschool teacher for nearly a decade. Soon after she founded Imagination Station, it grew into becoming only the second Paths to Quality Level 3 registered ministry in the history of Indiana with more than 120 students enrolled. Imagination Station is now a fully licensed center in the state of Indiana with NAEYC (National Association of Education for Young Children) Accreditation and Level 4 status through Paths to Quality. Mrs. Jessica graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and is passionate about teaching and training others in the field.​ She is a certified CPR, AED, and First-Aid instructor through EMS Safety and a PD Specialist through the CDA (Child Development Associate) Council of Professional Recognition. When she is not investing her time in children and other early childhood education professionals, she enjoys spending time traveling with her husband TJ, and their two grown children Paige and Eli.

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Joscelyn Reichel BS, CDA



317-386-8902 ext. 221


Ms. Joscelyn transitioned from a career in pharmacy in 2013 after the birth of her second child and joined the Imagination Station team. She realized her passion for working with children and quickly achieved her Child Development Associate Credential. Ms. Joscelyn graduated from Indiana Tech with a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, a minor in Psychology, and is working now toward a second bachelors degree in Child Development. In 2019, after passionately serving and growing at Imagination Station, Ms. Joscelyn moved into the position of School Director. She works closely with all of our families to ensure that their needs are met and they are given the best possible experience at Imagination Station. She is not only dedicated to building close relationships with teachers, students and families, but also to continuously advocating for the importance of early childhood education. When not serving our families and investing in our students at Imagination Station, she enjoys spending family time with her husband Michael and their four children.


Danielle Wolfe, AS, CDA

Assistant Director




Ms. Danielle (a.k.a. Ms. Dee) joined Imagination Station in 2015. She has achieved her associates degree in Business and her Child Development Associate Credential. Ms. Dee has also completed classes to be a Registered Behavior Technician, and uses her skills to help our families at I.S.. Ms. Dee has always been an educator at heart! She especially enjoys planning field trips and fun events for our school. She has served in every area of our school and is more than ready to help where needed to make sure that our school days flow smoothly. Ms. Dee arrives at school bright and early to greet all of our families as they enter for the day. She enjoys seeing all of our children everyday while forming close relationships with all families and working closely with our teachers to support them in the classroom. In their spare time on the weekends, Ms. Dee and her husband Robert enjoy exploring nature with their four children. 


Sammi Collier

Office Manager

317-386-8902 ext. 222


Ms. Sammi grew up being involved in her family’s multiple childcare centers, and loves to watch  children grow and succeed.  She attended Ball State University for a short time majoring in Graphic Arts Management. Ms. Sammi is excited to grow with Imagination Station in family engagement. She genuinely enjoys having a positive attitude and putting a smile on other people’s faces.  She has a daughter, Madilynn, and a dog, Winnie, that are both the light of her life.  In her free time she enjoys shopping, crafting, and attending concerts.  


Paige Hampton

Human Resources Manager


Ms. Paige grew up being heavily involved in the Early Childhood field. She graduated from Plainfield High School in 2018 and went on to attend Urbana University on a Acro-tumbling scholarship. She continued on in her education at Franklin University, where she will graduate with a bachelors degree in Sports Management. Paige has always had a passion for sports and business. In her spare time she enjoys coaching cheer camps and hanging out with her dog, Leo.

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Food Service Specialist

Food Services

317-386-8902 ext. 242

Profile coming soon


Rachel Redmond

Lead School Age Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 243


Ms. Rachel joined our team with previous experience with school-age children. She took child development classes during high school and hopes to one day become an Art Teacher. She enjoys painting, especially realistic pet and animal portraits. 


Amanda Rogers, BS

Assistant School Age Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 243


Ms. Amanda joined our team after achieving her Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Textiles and Aquatic Science from Ball State University. She is currently working on achieving her Child Development Associate. Previously, Ms. Amanda spent seven years as a high school teacher, where she coached swimming and ran the drama club! She has also coached swimming for over fifteen years, including owning her own swim club. Ms. Amanda loves to do anything that's creative and crafty! In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband, JJ. Oh, and of course relaxing!


Kailey Saunders

Lead Jr. Kindergarten Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 227


Ms. Kailey recently joined our team from Pennsylvania. A fun fact about Ms. Kailey is that she was born in the Philippines and grew up there until she was nine years old! She comes from a large family with two brothers and four sisters! She moved to Indiana to explore the field of Early Childhood Education and is currently working towards achieving her Child Development Associate Credential. In her free time, Ms. Kailey enjoys hanging out with her new friends and exploring Indiana.

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Elisabeth Takacs, CDA

Kindergarten Team Leader

Lead Pre-Kindergarten B Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 240


Ms. Elisabeth began her journey at Imagination Station as one of our fabulous early childhood education student teachers. Since joining our team, Ms. Elisabeth has graduated from Avon High School and achieved her Child Development Associate Credential, and is now working to further her education in the field. She has been a great addition to our team. Ms. Elisabeth is an innovative teacher who is skilled in all areas of the field. She has created several preschool social media sites to encourage learning. She works hard to ensure that each student is made to feel special by going above and beyond to spend one-on-one time with each child. We love having Ms. Elisabeth as part of our team!


Jessi Griffith

Lead Pre-Kindergarten A Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 230


Ms. Jessi is currently working towards achieving her Child Development Associate Credential. We are proud to say that she has completed all of her courses and is ready to complete her final steps! She goes above and beyond when it comes to making sure her class is having fun while learning. She enjoys being creative and building relationships with the children in her class. She is very hands on and is always keeping her class moving!


Kathy Davis

Lead Preschool C Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 239


Profile coming soon...


KayLee Daviau

Lead Preschool B Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 228


Ms. KayLee graduated high school at sixteen years old. She is currently working toward earning her Child Development Associate Credential. She loves softball! She plays on a travel team and coaches a 10u travel team throughout the year. Ms. KayLee is creative and you can see her creativity shine throughout her classroom. She enjoys coloring, painting, and drawing. Art is a big part of her daily routine with her class. She also has a German Shepard puppy, named Shorty. We are excited to have her with us!


Cari Smith, CDA

Preschool Team Leader

Lead Preschool A Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 234


Ms. Cari joined our Imagination Station team in 2015. She has been involved in early childhood education and business management since 2000. She has achieved her Child Development Associate Credential. She loves spending time with her husband, James, and their four children and two grandchildren. She loves supporting her children in football, marching band, and basketball. She also loves taking family vacations. Ms. Cari enjoys working closely with all of our families to make sure their child is receiving the best education. "Children will not remember you for the material things you provide, but for feeling that you cherished them".



Lead Early Preschool B Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 231

Profile coming soon...

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McKenna Bond, CDA

Lead Early Preschool A Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 229


Ms. McKenna joins us after graduating from our local high school work-based learning program through Area 31. She has achieved her Child Development Associate Credential. We look forward to cheering on Ms. McKenna in her journey in the field as she works toward her future goals.


Emilee Cheesman, AS Early Childhood Education

Lead Twos Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 226


Ms. Emilee took the leap and joined our team in 2021 after being a parent at our school for a while and completing her degree in early childhood education. She has several years of experience working in the field, and is an extremely organized and passionate teacher. She is a true team player who always goes above and beyond. Ms. Emilee is a mother to two little boys and loves to spend all of her free time with them.

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Sonia Gomez

Assistant Twos Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 226


Profile coming soon...


Bri Prevost, CDA

Infant/Toddler Team Leader

Lead Toddler B Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 224


Ms. Bri joined Imagination Station in 2019 after working for four years as a teacher in Rhode Island. She is the oldest of three and has a wonderful daughter, Hazel. Ms. Bri has earned her Child Development Associate Credential and is passionate about teaching. Ms. Bri's favorite toddler classroom activities are free art and sensory exploration. In her free time, she loves to be outside with her daughter and their dog JuJu. 


Athena Ramirez

Assistant Toddler B Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 224


Ms. Athena joined our team in 2021 and fell in love with working with our younger learners. She has an eight year old son and a love for learning. She enjoys learning from Ms. Bri and wants to continue her education in the early childhood field. In her free time, Ms. Athena loves to explore with her son and has a huge passion for shopping.

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Lead Toddler A Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 225


Profile coming soon...

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Assistant Toddler A Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 225

Profile coming soon...


Elisabeth Bravis, BA

Lead Infant Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 232


Ms. Beth joined the Imagination Station team with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education. Ms. Beth loves to work with children of all ages! She is a very nurturing teacher who loves helping our little ones reach developmental and educational milestones.


Amber Helms

Assistant Infant Teacher

317-386-8902 ext. 232


Ms. Amber joined the Imagination Station team with a deep passion to work with children. She loves spending her days with out littlest learners and helping them to achieve milestones. Ms. Amber loves making connections with children and families while implementing early learning foundations with our students. Ms. Amber is currently working toward her Child Development Associate Credential.

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Alyssa Baker

Resource Teacher


Profile coming soon



Resource Teacher

Profile coming soon


Cheryl Siedlecki

Resource Teacher


Ms. Cheryl is with us part-time, while her children are in school. She assists our teaching team, drives our bus, and gives teachers breaks throughout her day. Ms. Cheryl is extremely helpful and has made a connection with all of our children. She makes a connection with everyone she meets! We are very thankful for her!


Abby Arbuckle

Early Childhood Education Student Teacher

Ms. Abby joins us from our local Area 31 partnership as a Student Teacher. You will see Ms. Abby early in the morning helping in our classes before heading off to her high school. Ms. Abby is in her second year at Area 31 and plans to graduate high school with her Child Development Associate Credential.


Marissa Schirmer

Early Childhood Education Student Teacher

Ms. Marissa joins us from our local Area 31 partnership as a Student Teacher. You will see Ms. Marissa in the morning helping out in our pre-kindergarten and preschool classrooms. Ms. Marissa is in her second year at Area 31 and plans to graduate high school with her Child Development Associate Credential.

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Jessica Hampton


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HR Manager




Toddler Lead Teacher

Building Blocks

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Toddler Assistant Teacher

Stacking Rings

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Early Preschool

Lead Teacher

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Lead Teacher

Colorful Pens

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Resource Teacher

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Joscelyn Reichel

School Director

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Food Services

Toy Shop

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Toddler Lead Teacher

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Payton Houssain

Toddler Assistant Teacher





Lead Teacher

Shape Sorter

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Jr Kindergarten

Lead Teacher

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Resource Teacher

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Assistant Director

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Team Lead

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Toddler Lead Teacher


Hannah Hostettler

Toddler Assistant Teacher

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Lead Teacher

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Lead Teacher

Group of Colored Pencils

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Resource Teacher

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Office Manager

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Infant Lead Teacher

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Infant Assistant Teacher




Early Preschool

Lead Teacher

Bowling Set

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Lead Teacher


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Assistant Teacher

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Student Teacher