As your child grows, our preschool classes are a place where your child can really use their imagination. They will learn to make decisions, and become self-aware, confident, and well rounded children. Our weekly lesson plans will focus on personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematical thinking, scientific thinking, social studies, creative expression, and physical development, as well as daily Bible times. Our daily Bible times will be led by our trained teachers.


Our 3 year old objectives:

  • Recognizing their own name

  • Tracing and beginning to write their own name

  • Recognizing their own name and beginning to write their own name

  • Recognizing and tracing numbers 0 – 15

  • Recognizing colors

  • Holding scissors correctly and practicing cutting on the lines

  • Holding crayons/pencils correctly

  • Calendar concepts – Days of the week, months of the year, and year

  • Recognizing shapes

  • Using their imaginations

  • Learning to share and play in a group

  • Dressing themselves with minimal assistance

  • Colors in Spanish

  • Counting in Spanish

  • Listening to their teachers directions


Reading Readiness Skills :

  • Recognizing their name

  • Recitation and recognition of ABC’s

  • Knowledge of books, front and back, introduction of author and illustrator

  • Reproduction of letters via copying

  • Awareness of beginning sound/letter associations


Math Concepts:

  • Number recognition and counting 0 – 10

  • Patterns and Shapes

  • Calendar


Science Concepts:

  • Weather

  • Colors

  • Magnets

  • Animals


Art Skills:

  • Beginning cutting with help

  • Coloring and Painting

  • Drawing

  • Textures


Physical Education:

  • Daily morning dances and stretching

  • Active games in our big gym and outside



  • Daily worship times

  • Instrument play


There’s so much to do when you use your imagination at Imagination Station! And don’t forget the FUN and EXCITING field trips!

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